The climate change opens up new opportunities for healthy adventure worlds in the mountains

We will take locals and tourists to the adventure world of the mountains at any time of the year. We enable everyone, adapted to their performance, with our 100% electric
e-mountain bike to get up and down the mountain safely.

That is our claim.

We are building the same structures for the e-mountain bike sport that made skiing a sport for everyone. We attach particular importance to gentle tourism and the protection of nature and its inhabitants.

We use existing infrastructure

Mountain biking is a healthy trend sport. The eBike market is booming. Unfortunately, nowadays this sport is only reserved for the really sporty.
With our concept we address everyone. Young, old, sporty unsportsmanlike. To this end, we cooperate with local hotels, lodging establishments and ski schools and rental companies. Ski schools will offer courses for beginners and advanced skiers and guides for unforgettable tours. In the hotel you book these offers at the same time.

and ...

we provide our partners with the right vehicles. Vehicles that meet the tough demands of an e-mountain bike rental. Low maintenance, can be easyly adapted to the knowledge of the driver, ready for use at any time.

To do this, we are building an e-mountain bike the likes of which the world has never seen before. Innovative, unique, smart, a bike that will change the bicycle market forever!

100% electric

You drive 100% with electricity. As on an ergometer, you pedal and generate electricity, which, supplemented by the battery, drives the e-motor. The driving experience is similar to that of a chain-driven e-bike.

This has many advantages


New technologies, ergonomics, safety, design and driving comfort.
Chainless, maintenance-free, intelligent, environmentally friendly - pure driving experience.

The only e-MOUNTAIN- / TREKKING BIKE with disruptive INNOVATIONS.

Year-round use with the support of the most modern technologies.
Safe driving for everybody in the snow, rain, on mud, gravel or dry roads;
in courses and on the road. With and without guides reaches new target groups.


+ Chainless, new innovative drive concept
+ Maintenance free IP65
+ Tool-free wheel change
+ Brakes with recuperation rear, front el. brakes
+ intelligent two wheel transmission
+ Tool-free quick adjustment for stem and saddle
+ Driving assistance for safety and health
+ One frame size for everyone

Developed and designed for the most attractive rental concept in 1.500 of the biggest alpine centers of tourism.
The most innovative e-mountain bike of the century. Pioneering a digital future in the outdoor fitness market.

Top Innovationen

Whats new - ALL

We have reinvented the e-mountain / trekking bike and tried to eliminate all the weak points of today's top models. We use available innovative technologies intelligently to guarantee each driver (sporty to beginners) a sports experience tailored to him.


Safety and comfort are in the foreground. Simply insert your smartphone into the handlebar, all personal configurations are automatically transferred, no matter in which vehicle, at which location. Always like riding your own e-mountain bike.

Perfect for rental & sharing

We will build the ultimate rental system in 1.500 tourist location in alpine tourist regions in Europe. Never carry your own bike with you, ride everywhere like with your own bike. This is relaxing vacation. Drive all year. Summer and winter, always a driving feeling never experienced before.

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